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The Importance of Inclusion and Why It’s Needed with Shivani Gopal

By September 4, 2023Podcasts

I’m joined by Shivani Gopal, the founder and CEO of Elladex, to talk about the importance of inclusion in the workplace. Shivani has won the 2022 New South Wales Excellence in Women’s Leadership Award and the Top 50 Small Business Leaders Award. She’s recognised as a leading feminist and business thought leader, helping women navigate through their careers, businesses, and financial success.

In our conversation, Shivani talks about the invisible barriers that prevent people from diverse backgrounds from reaching their full potential. She notes that organisations must prioritise inclusion and create a psychologically safe environment where people can speak up, take risks, and innovate.

We discuss the differences between diversity and inclusion, how they are often confused with each other, and why it is important for businesses to have both. Shivani emphasises that diversity and inclusion must go hand-in-hand for organisations to benefit from a diverse workforce. She explains that inclusion is the mechanism that ensures diverse voices are heard and respected, and it is the key to unlocking the potential of diversity.

Shivani also talks about the importance of visibility and representation in leadership roles. She believes that seeing diverse leaders in visible positions creates a greater sense of belonging and permission for others to strive for leadership roles. Shivani asserts that diversity happens from the bottom up, but inclusion must come from the top down, as people in positions of power and authority are crucial to removing barriers to inclusion.

Shivani shares a personal story where she questioned a board member about the company’s commitment to inclusion and diversity at the executive and board levels. She highlights the importance of asking these questions respectfully and with a solution-oriented approach.

I absolutely loved talking to Shivani. She is such a passionate advocate for the power of inclusion and works tirelessly to help people succeed in their lives, careers, and finances.
There’s so much wisdom in this episode that I know you’ll love, so sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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