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The Mindset Tip That Changed My World

By August 24, 2022Articles

I’ve understood the power of mindset for a long time. I’ve coached corporate leaders, CEOs and  entrepreneurs to be their best selves professionally and personally, I’ve made and managed millions for a big four bank, written a book, transformed teams. I have a strong reputation. I’m good at what I do.

So … I was totally bedazzled recently to be given one of the world’s best mindset tips by a seventy-something fella called Barry.

It was my first session at the health retreat I went to last month. I arrived frazzled (a story for another day) and with a heap of self-induced pressure on my shoulders. People kept saying, ‘I hope you get out of it what you want’ but I didn’t know what that was. So of course, I felt pressured to find out and make it happen.

Enter Barry. He was fit mentally and physically. Which made me trust him when he said something seismic: Some things can’t be worked out. They need to be worked through.

That was a massive lightbulb moment. I’ve spent decades trying to work things out. I had to have the solution for everything. Had to have a plan.

But Barry was telling me I didn’t need those things. I just needed to know that sometimes the answer is not in the moment. You have to go through things that lead to something else which will get you to your outcome.

That released a ton of pressure. It sounds trite, but I stopped worrying about what I was going to get out of the experience and started just being in the moment and enjoying every day without knowing exactly what it would throw up.

I let myself feel things, instead of worrying that they would trigger anxiety. I allowed myself to just be, without expectation.

Often, we do things out of obligation, either to please others or to tick off a plan we’ve made. That ends in pressure rather than great outcomes.

Want to let go of the weight of expectation from yourself and from other people? I’m no Barry but I’m a rock-solid mentor for anyone wanting to be a leader with vision, values and visibility but no emotional baggage from anyone else.

If that is you, let’s talk. Details here