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The Power of Mindset Shifts During a Challenge with Julie Hyde

By June 13, 2022Podcasts

In this episode, I’m discussing the power of mindset shifts during a challenge. You can use these shifts in any challenge you’re facing to rewrite your story and change how you look at your life.

It goes back to an Aladdin quote, “You can’t choose what happens to you but you can choose who you become because of it.” This is what motivates me and pulls me forward towards the goals and dreams I have for myself.

So I thought I’d share some surprisingly good things I’ve learned about having cancer that maybe you can take on also.

Before this diagnosis, I wasn’t present 100% of the time. I now want to live in complete alignment with what is most important to me without apology and without guilt. I have developed an amazing clarity around doing everything that will make the biggest difference to my outcome.

You have to take action to have the life and career that you are dreaming of. Don’t stay stuck in a job you hate or continuously plod through on the treadmill of life. Your legacy comes from every action you take (or don’t take). It’s not something you create on your death bed, it’s something that is created through your lifetime. Your mindset will determine what that legacy is.

A good friend shared with me a great saying – Live a life worth living to leave a legacy worth giving. I love that!!

Take small steps forward, each and every day to make your actions count.

I’ll run you through some of the mindset shifts that I’ve been through since my diagnosis. I encourage you to reflect and try these out in your life. Give yourself permission and find the amazing power of letting go of the things that no longer serve you and how that enhances your life in return.

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