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The Power of Self-Belief and Role Modelling the Way Forward for the Next Generation with Robyn Foyster

By June 19, 2023Podcasts

In an age where many industries remain heavily male-dominated, it’s vital for women to feel empowered as they strive to build success within their chosen field of work. Today I’m joined by Robyn Foyster, who dedicates her life to supporting the next generation of women to rise up in business and achieve the careers of their dreams.

Robyn is an award-winning journalist, editor and media executive. She was a 2023 Champions of Change Finalist for Women Leading Tech and is the CEO of Foyster Media, a multi-platform media company.

In today’s conversation, Robyn takes us through her fascinating history as a journalist, and how she transitioned into the world of technology. She speaks about the encouragement she received as a child from her grandfather, and how this defining moment empowered her to believe she could achieve anything she set her heart and mind to.

Robyn is passionate about supporting women to have this same belief about themselves, and to know that when they are brave, they can be extraordinary. Though progress with equality in the workforce appears to be slow-moving, we can influence change in our own spheres with small, incremental steps. We discuss the ripple effect this can cause that alters the behaviours we see around us.

We talk about the positive effects of reversing typical gender roles in the home can have on children, and Robyn discusses how she and her husband role modelled this to their own children through the years. We discuss the importance of having priorities outside work, and Robyn shares how she changed her mindset to focus on her health and wellbeing, rather than solely on her career.

Robyn believes that as female leaders, it’s our responsibility to inspire the younger generation to achieve amazing goals for themselves and recognise their own capabilities. As we show up in strength and passion on our own journey, we lead the way for others coming up after us to see what is possible for them and their world.

I just know you’ll love Robyn’s energy and passion for life as much as I do, and I hope this episode inspires you to discover your own strength and rise up to achieve all that you desire.



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