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The powerful distinction between obstacles and barriers with Scott Curley

By June 5, 2023Podcasts

My guest today is the incredible Scott Curley, who is joining me all the way from Dallas, Texas. From an early age, Scott experienced a rollercoaster of hardships, including abuse, drug addiction, prison sentences and homelessness. Yet he managed to use all these experiences as a vehicle for personal growth, turning his life around to become a self-made millionaire on a mission to inspire others.

Now, Scott is the CEO of one of the largest tax resolution firms in the USA and is an author, keynote speaker, and mentor, inspiring many to take ownership of their lives and step into greatness. Scott’s self published book, Absolution, has also recently been picked up by a major publisher, meaning that many more lives will be impacted by his incredible mindset, resilience and perspective on success and failure.

In this conversation, Scott shares his epiphany about needing to commit to his commitment, inspiring him to start his own business, which is now worth $40 million, while he was still homeless. He shares a powerful distinction between obstacles and barriers and the power of turning our mistakes into opportunities for growth.

As Scott reflects on the obstacles he has faced, including 9 felonies and decades of drug addiction, he talks about the power of taking ownership of your mistakes which empowers you to move forward in life. We talk about moving out of victimhood, having a deep inner belief and understanding that there is no such thing as failure.

This is such a powerful episode with so much value for us all. Scott’s life is such an incredible example that life is what we make it and we have the power to choose how to respond to all of life’s challenges.



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