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The Role Model Effect – Julie Hyde

By November 24, 2020March 26th, 2021Podcasts

Just like that, another series of the Making It Count podcast comes to a close.

What a ride 2020 and Series two has been.

I must admit the recording of my podcast episodes has been an absolute highlight of this crazy year. I was able to get access to people I may not have been able to in ‘normal’ circumstances for the benefit of my listeners.

The episodes this year has been diverse and incredibly relevant to what we have been going through. There are also many episodes that will also give you some awesome ideas to consider as you move into 2021, especially episode 54 – Helen Fairclough’s chat.

I am super grateful to all of my 21 amazing guests this year.

It is now time to focus forward towards 2021. There is a reason our windscreen is larger than our rear view mirror and this is the theme of my final podcast for 2020.

In this podcast I chat about the importance of being a role model and how this will have a significant impact on your results in 2021.

The world has changed, people’s priorities and expectations have changed and they are now looking to leaders who are real and who can role model the way forward.

I share what this means for you and how to be a strong role model.

I hope you enjoy this podcast.

Thank you for your support and for tuning in this year. See you back in 2021.