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The Secret to a Great Night Sleep with Olivia Arezzolo

By May 30, 2022Podcasts

Olivia Arezzolo is Australia’s leading sleep expert, speaker, author, coach and advisor and she is here today to share her expertise with you.

Olivia has been featured in Forbes, the Today Show and Sunrise and her knowledge has been sought by global brands Google, Fitbit and Ikea. She has her own column in Body and Soul and is partners with Sealy Posturepedic. Olivia has recently released her book ‘Bear, Lion or Wolf’, and designed an online program called ‘Sleep School’ and we’ll chat about it all today.

Olivia makes it count by being truly present, not focusing so heavily on the future and making space for walking every day.

In this episode, we dive into how Olivia became a sleep expert. She talks openly about dealing with depression and anorexia and then wanting to support and help others with their holistic health. Olivia then explores the physical, emotional and cognitive benefits of sleep and why you should be prioritising it every day.

Light is a key contributor to poor sleep. Olivia talks about the importance of removing blue light and using blue light glasses to block out blue light wherever possible.

Olivia walks us through her signature bedtime routine and talks about the differences and significance of knowing your chronotype: lions, bears, and wolves.

The most important thing I wanted to know was the effects of coffee on sleep. Olivia shares how coffee impacts our ability to get to sleep, stay asleep and the quality of sleep.

You’ll find so much value in Olivia’s expert advice and information. Check out the steps in her signature bedtime routine, read her book and have a look at her programs to improve your sleep and feel energized every morning.

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