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The Status Quo

By July 21, 2014February 14th, 2019Articles, Leadership


Do not enter signStatus quo – the existing state of affairs

We’ve all experienced the status quo. It’s how things are and how they have been for a while.

Occasionally that can be a great thing. Things are ticking along nicely at the rate you desire. And then the status quo can be the place that you definitely don’t want to be anymore, signifying things need to change.

Change can be terrifying for some, paralyzing them to stay stuck in the status quo. Change can be scary to others because ‘what if’ scenarios start playing out in their minds. What if I lose a client, what if I lose a key staff member, what if my results suffer, what if I can’t drive the change, what if I don’t know what to do. So they stay the same – stuck in the status quo.

There is a great quote by Franklin Roosevelt “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” And in 2014, this rings true.

The evolution of business now is around every 3 years as opposed to 5-7 or even 10 of yesteryear. Business is fast paced and is frantic. Even if things are going well you can’t afford to stay the same, because your competitors who innovate will pass you by.

There is one thing that is going to get you to move from the status quo to the tipping point of change and that is awareness and possibility. If you have these it will enable you to make a decision. One that could save your career or your business.

Often, when people are stuck, they accept it as their lot in life because the alternative is either unknown or way too difficult. If you did increase your awareness about what is possible, did some research, engaged experts and painted yourself a picture that is so enticing it would be impossible not to shift towards it imagine what you could do.

So many business leaders I meet are stuck in the status quo and they really don’t want to be there. And know they can’t remain there.

There is one positive out of this. If you know you are there, you have some awareness about this and therefore can make a decision. The power is in your hands – if you choose to use it. Remaining stuck in the status quo is the one thing you should fear.