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The Three Word Exercise That Can Change Your Life

By May 28, 2024Podcasts

Are you striving to become a leader but keep getting shut down for no reason? Are you feeling stuck or undervalued?

If so, then today’s episode is for you!

I want to share something that has genuinely changed my life. It’s an exercise born out of a challenging time that turned into one of my most powerful personal growth tools, branding exercises, and leadership strategies.

The “Three Words” Exercise

First, you need to write down three words that you believe best describe yourself. We don’t want “I’m nice” or “I’m a good worker”, go deeper and come up with answers like “I’m great at communicating or solving problems”. These words serve as a mirror reflecting how you perceive yourself in various aspects of your life, whether it be in your career, leadership style, or personal brand.

Then, I challenge you to seek out three people who can give you the three words they think best describe you. Make sure you’re asking people you trust and who’ll be honest. Avoid people who sugarcoat things or who you’d feel uncomfortable with. I know reaching out for help with this is scary, I’ve been there. But trust me, the insights you’ll gain are priceless. When I did it, I was surprised—and a little shaken—by what I heard. But that discomfort? It was the push I needed to bridge the gap between how I saw myself and how others saw me.

My Experience

The first time I did this exercise, it wasn’t intentional. I thought I was ready for a leadership role, but my boss didn’t see it that way. I confided in a friend looking for comfort but instead, he told me the truth. At work, I was seen as laid back and fun- a good employee but not necessarily leadership material. It was hard to accept but eventually, I realised he was right and got to work changing things. It wasn’t easy, change never is, but at least now I knew the way forward. And it paid off! A year later, I landed the leadership role I’d been after.
So, here’s my challenge to you: try the “Three Words” exercise. Use the feedback to fuel your growth and become the best version of yourself. And remember to embrace the discomfort because that’s where the magic happens.


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