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The Year That Was Twenty10.

By December 13, 2010February 14th, 2019Articles, Goals

Not sure about you but I think this year went really fast. Though it did lag a little for me during one of the coldest and longest winters that Melbourne has experienced for a number of years. Changes came thick and fast throughout the year from the change in Government in Australia to the change in Industrial Relations legislation to changes in Tax laws to changes in the Australian Football League and to our extreme weather conditions experienced across the world! Phew!

There is one thing for sure; we need to be very effective at managing change moving into 2011 because our world is done with standing still. The way we did business a year ago is not how we need to do business moving forward to ensure the growth of our business and also of us professionally.

Business moving forward is going to be more about humanising business again. Word of mouth will dominate in our age of technology and social media. We will look even more within our own, now expansive network of associates for advice rather than searching the web looking for service solutions. It is believed that 78% of people now trust word of mouth compared to 14% of those who trust advertising.

Over the Christmas break it is common for us to reflect on what we did well for the year, what we did not so well and what we need to do to ensure we reach our goals for the next year. Will you be telling your friends that you achieved you goals at this year’s Christmas party? What would you like to be telling your friends at a Christmas party at the end of 2011? What was Twenty10 for you? How would you describe the evolvement of ‘Brand You’, the face of your business, the face of you professionally and personally? Are you proud of your Twenty10 Brand?

For us, at Distinctive Leadership, it was a period of growth including successes, some mistakes and great learning’s.  We travelled a lot, met wonderful new people, made a difference to our clients and lived our purpose. Can it get better than that? Yes! Are we grateful for what was achieved? Yes! It is a great foundation for 2011? Yes! Why? Because knowledge is power.

From all of us at Distinctive Leadership, we would like to wish you and your family a safe and very happy holiday season and every success in the New Year. We would also like to thank you for your support and readership. We look forward to sharing even more with you next year and being part of your growth and success in TwentyEleven. Let’s make it a standout year.

Enjoy your break and the time of connection.