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What Are We Learning?

By May 1, 2020Articles

Do you feel like it’s ground hog day? Days feel like weeks and weeks feel like months at the moment. My house also feels particularly small being in it all the time! Though, I think as we move along the change curve and are getting more comfortable in the acceptance zone, our thoughts are turning to what life will be like after this.

Or more importantly, how do I want my life to be after this?

I think it’s fair to say that life for many was frantic. We were used to the rush, the pressure of having to be somewhere or with someone constantly, having limited quality time to spend with loved ones during the week, missing out on kids events even though it caused a lot of guilt. We’d gotten used to life like that. It was our norm. Then COVID-19 got involved and stopped all of that.

So what are we learning from this?

Many have shared with me how they are loving spending dedicated time with their children, how they are learning more about them, understanding what their values are and simply being present with them. Others are enjoying having breakfast, lunch and dinner as a family unit as that hasn’t happened for years. Others are enjoying not having to rush around and being able to be at home on a weeknight to be with the family. Others are enjoying connecting with their partner again on a deeper level without the pressure to be here there and everywhere. Conversely, there are those who are not enjoying everything I’ve mentioned and it’s painful for them.

We have an opportunity now to learn from what we are going through and get really clear on how we want our lives to be like when things start to get back to some sort of normal. We have the opportunity now to align our actions with our priorities and create a life that will support and serve us, rather than be dictated by what we should do.

Hopefully out of all of this, you have realised what is truly important and what is a necessity rather than a luxury. I know I am not missing as much as I thought I would. The things I am missing is interacting with my parents properly and the ability to kiss and hug them. I am missing my sister and her family and my fur nephew. I am missing my good friends and the ability to hug them. I am lucky to have continued to work for my amazing clients and I do miss seeing their teams. Everything else pales into insignificance somewhat.

What are you learning from this and how can you translate that into creating a better personal and professional life post COVID-19?