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What Would Ted Lasso Do if He Was in Your Shoes? With Lucy Broadbent

By October 2, 2023Podcasts

I’m thrilled to be sharing a conversation about something a little different today as I chat with celebrity journalist and author, Lucy Broadbent, about her latest book, What Would Ted Lasso Do?: How Ted’s Positive Approach Can Help You.

If you haven’t seen this hugely popular television series yet, I highly recommend that you do. Ted Lasso offers so many profound leadership lessons for life and business. Today Lucy and I delve into how Ted’s unique leadership style can guide us all towards a better, kinder, and more effective way of leading ourselves and others.

In this episode, Lucy shares her inspiration behind writing this book and some of her discoveries after digging deeper into the positive psychology embedded in the show. We talk about one of her key takeaways, which is that our reactions to life’s challenges can significantly impact our well-being.

A crucial aspect of Ted Lasso’s character is his imperfection. He is not a flawless leader, and this is what makes him relatable and authentic. Lucy highlights that the key to Ted’s leadership is his vulnerability, and by sharing his flaws and being honest about them, Ted fosters trust among his team members, which is a crucial element in effective leadership.

Lucy talks about one of her favourite lessons from Ted Lasso’s playbook – kindness. This overarching message has a profound impact on both the characters in the show and its viewers. It serves as a reminder that being kind to oneself and others can create a positive ripple effect in our lives.

We also talk about Lucy’s upcoming book, “How to Be a Lioness, Not a Panda”, which explores the dynamic between the strong female characters in Ted Lasso and how their mentorship and friendship reflect the importance of women supporting each other in the face of challenges. This book promises to be a refreshing take on leadership and feminism, showcasing how women can lead and empower one another.



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