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Why Being Uncomfortable is Powerful – Tory Archbold

By April 6, 2021April 7th, 2021Podcasts


In this episode of the ‘Making It Count’ podcast, we sit down with the founder of Powerful Steps, Tory Archbold.

Tory founded the globally recognised PR agency ‘Torstar’ and was at the top of her game working with influencers like Megan Gale, Zara, Nespresso, Victoria’s Secret and Steve Madden. However, for three years each time she did a launch ‘a little bit of my heart was saying-this is the last time you will do this Tory.’ Sitting at the launch of Drew Barrymore’s ‘Flower Beauty’ listening to her speak about surviving tough times, Tory had her ‘ah-ha’ moment and thought ‘lady, I see you and raise you five. You know what, I’m done.’ And she was– she stepped away from PR to get her life back.

Tory had her own story to tell. ‘I wanted a life with more purpose’ says Tory ‘It was time to reshape my story and step into mypower zone.’ So, she took some time out to re-evaluate and using her forward momentum, founded Powerful Steps in 2019 – A platform to inspire, encourage and empower others to step outside their comfort zone and into their power zone.

‘My values are passion, integrity and delivery – my success is your success’ says Tory. After a near-death experience and ten years of being stalked, Tory gained a fresh perspective. She took the bravest step of all and publicly revealed her personal mask. ‘There is power in connection. I wanted to be a better version of myself to teach others that challenges can become possibilities.’ Julie met Tory through her ‘Business Attraction Program’ where she has been able to develop relationships with other value-aligned female entrepreneurs.

A big part of why Tory is so successful is the power of her brand and how she can attract value-sharing people to that brand. She shares with us the key to having a successful and powerful personal brand to ensure it attracts what you want – ‘When you connect with someone, the first thing they will do is google you – so invest in some good imagery for LinkedIn’, and secondly ‘work on the first three sentences of your bio and understand your 5-point story’. It’s all about investing in your own story, understanding the power of that story and translating that into a powerful communication tool so that people want to connect with you. ‘You need to believe in yourself and the power of your story’ say Tory ‘the most successful leaders are uncomfortable to be able to step into a higher vibration.’

‘A happy heart is a magnet for miracles’ say Tory, ‘my life is now in alignment and I am happy’. So, strip out what doesn’t serve you and make yourself available to the things that serve you and your value set.

So, sit back and enjoy this episode with as Tory Archbold Makes It Count.


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