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Why Being Well Nourished is the Secret to Your Success with Georgia Harding

By July 11, 2022Podcasts

This week I have guest Georgia Harding joining me for an in-depth discussion on nutrition and holistic health. Georgia is a naturopath with 20+years of experience, author, mother, and passionate health educator. She shares free health advice and intolerance allergy-friendly recipes on her website to inspire people to live happy, healthy lives while enjoying amazing food.

Georgia is passionate about supporting the health of this generation and the next by helping parents to feed their children well with simplified nutrition and well-balanced meals.

Georgia is making it count every day by encouraging people to eat healthy, whole food consistently.

In this episode, Georgia is here to share with you why being well nourished is the secret to your success. We discuss Georgia’s journey to starting Well Nourished 9 years ago and finding her creative outlet. She hates food waste and loves coming up with new and different flavour combinations with basic ingredients that are incredibly delicious and nutritious for the whole family.

Food has the potential to switch on or switch off good or bad genes. Food speaks to our genetic make up and it plays such an important role in our physical and mental health. Georgia explores the amazing nutritional benefits of all of those herbs and spices that are sitting in your pantry right now.

Georgia talks about the problems and concerns of fad diets. Every person is different and unique but everybody thrives on a whole foods diet. Georgia always prefers to be fed by nature than industry and it’s not just the goodness that you’re eating, it’s what you’re not eating that counts.

When you’re eating starchy, carbohydrate-laden, high-sugar foods your mood reflects it. There are so many ways that food affects our mental wellbeing. Georgia explores these links and talks about how important variety is in our diet to ensure we’re absorbing all of the nutrients in our food.

Winging it when it comes to food planning and preparation isn’t going to cut it. Georgia tells us how important it is to have a routine for shopping, meal planning and cooking. You’ll save yourself stress, time and money every week when you’re prepared for some (if not all) of your meals.

I absolutely loved having Georgia on the show to share her expertise with you. She is releasing her new 10-part, self-paced program called ‘Raising Well Nourished Kids’ dedicated to raising children with whole foods. Head over to her website and check out all of her amazing recipes, resources and invaluable membership program.

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