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Why Leading Your Health Can Save Your Life with Di Westaway

By March 27, 2023Podcasts

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death amongst women. However, due to the male-centric research on this disease, many women are unaware they even have a condition until it’s too late. I chat with the effervescent Di Westaway about loving yourself and your body, and why leading your health can help save your life.

Di is the founder of Wild Women on Top, an enterprise that creates life-changing adventures for women to get fit by walking in nature. Coastrek is one of those adventures which, with its strong community of women, has raised over 45 million dollars for The Heart Foundation.

In today’s episode, Di shares the turning point in her own life that pushed her to challenge herself and prioritise her health in a major way. She talks about how enduring loss gave her the courage to change her life and the confidence to believe she could do the impossible.

Being a woman often comes with feeling the need to put everyone else first – there’s taking the kids to school, getting work done, keeping the household in order… It’s hard to find any time for yourself within all the chaos. However, if you are not healthy or prioritising your own wellbeing, you cannot function at your best.

Knowing your own worth means you’ll be prepared to make the investment in putting your health first.

Di shares some alarming statistics around women’s risk factors for heart disease, and encourages us to take it seriously when something doesn’t feel right. As women, we need to advocate for ourselves when we’re told not to worry, and to never accept no for an answer.

We all know our health is our wealth. When we’re in tune with our own bodies and know how to care for them, we become better leaders, businesswomen, partners, carers and friends.

I hope today’s episode empowers you to begin the journey of loving yourself and knowing that in doing so, you’ll find all the energy and zest for life that’s available to you.


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