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Why Trying to Increase Sales Might Make You Less Successful with Kathy Svetina

By August 22, 2022Podcasts

Kathy Svetina is the founder of NewCastle Finance, a company offering fractional CFO services to women owned small businesses. For nearly 14 years Kathy worked in senior level financial planning and analysis for Fortune 500 Companies and saw first-hand how big companies use financial information to drive their companies forward.

Kathy started NewCastle Finance because she wanted to offer that same powerful insight to women owned businesses. She describes herself as a financial puzzle solver (I love that). Kathy helps business owners get clear on their numbers and their financial strategy so they feel confident that they are making good decisions that will result in a thriving business.

Kathy makes it count in her world by being curious. It’s served both her and the businesses she supports. Kathy shares that she started NewCastle Finance as it bothered her how little support small business owners (particularly women) had compared to the big players in the corporate world.

Kathy really gets it! We talk about how so many women business owners get stuck doing the doing, leaving strategic decisions to be made on the fly. Kathy helps solve this through two pillars. Firstly, she ensures that all decisions are data driven. And secondly, she marries the intuition of business owners with data, which transforms decision making, making it both intelligent and powerful.

In her work, Kathy is quick to highlight that people often forget that driving sales come with increasing costs. We discuss the pros and cons of increasing sales and the traps to look out for.

If there is just one thing that Kathy encourages people to understand in terms of finances it’s that revenue sales, profit and cash are three different things. Kathy explains these concepts to us, the differences between them and why it’s so important to approach these concepts holistically.

We’re left with an excellent reminder from Kathy to have fun in your business and remember your purpose. Kathy’s passion really shines through and she is incredibly clued on – I know you’re going to love our conversation!

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