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Why You Might Be Making Bad Choices and How to Make Better Ones

By March 5, 2024Podcasts

I have spoken to many successful people who, despite having achieved amazing things in their careers, find themselves feeling miserable, making bad choices and living with a sense of disconnection.

From what I’ve observed, so much of this misalignment comes down to people not living in line with their values. So today I’m sharing three key indicators that reveal if you’re not living true to your values, how this affects you, and how reconnecting with your values can transform your life for the better.

One common reason for not living true to your values is simply not knowing what they are. This is not an uncommon scenario, but when you’re unclear about what your values are, you can’t align your actions with them. And this is when you might find yourself falling into the comparison trap or people-pleasing.

Another common reason for not living true to your values is when you make decisions to please others or to align with their expectations of you. Concerns about what others might say or think can lead you to make decisions that aren’t authentic to your true self. This outward focus on pleasing others disconnects you from your values, leading to frustration and confusion. It’s critical to reconnect with your values and make choices that align with your true desires and beliefs. In this episode, I talk about being aware of your top three values and how this will provide you with guidance to make empowered decisions aligned with who you are.

Connecting to your values is crucial for living an authentic and fulfilling life. Your values act as a compass, guiding your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. They define who you are and what you stand for. This is why you might feel out of alignment and struggle to make empowered decisions when you are unclear about what your values are. This lack of clarity impacts your personal life and your career, so it’s essential to invest time in understanding your values to ensure you are true to yourself and lead a purposeful life.

After listening to this episode, I encourage you to carve out some dedicated time to reflect on what is truly important to you. Ask yourself empowering questions and dig deep to uncover your core values. What frustrates you the most, and why? What does your gut tell you when faced with important decisions? Rediscovering your values is a journey, and they may evolve over time. This is why we need to regularly reassess and realign our actions with our current values.

Living true to your values is key to making better choices and leading an authentic and fulfilled life. By understanding your values, you can align your thoughts, beliefs, and actions with what truly matters to you. Remember, you always have a choice to live in alignment with your values and create a life that is true to who you are.


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