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Why Your Mindset is Your Superpower

By April 30, 2024Podcasts

Did you know that your mindset can be your superpower? Never have I experienced the truth of this more than when I was diagnosed with cancer. Facing an enemy within, I’ve had to fuel and protect my mindset with intention. I believe in the power of mindset so much that I dedicated an entire chapter to this in my book, You Always Have a Choice.

Today, we’re exploring how you too can harness the power of your mindset to achieve the success that you’re after.

Firstly, l take you through a short quiz to help you determine which of these two mindsets you have:

  1. Fixed mindset
  2. Growth mindset

While a fixed mindset may keep you stuck in your ways and adamant that your way is right, a growth mindset is one that is open to change, learning and embracing others’ perspectives. I talk about the importance of developing that growth mindset, so you can stand in resilience and succeed no matter what challenges may come your way.

We’ll explore Ernest Hemingway’s iceberg model, which states that while people usually only see our 10% – being our results and outcomes – our real power lies in the 90% below the surface. This refers to our behaviours, decisions, attitudes and beliefs that shape who we are.

So what is happening for you in the 90% below? Is there something you need to change in order to adopt a healthy mindset that will help you grow? I take you through some practical strategies to help you influence your mindset and in turn, your actions.

The good news is, your mindset is malleable. And it needs to be if you are going to adapt to change or grow in life. So, join me today and get inspired to truly look within and create that solid foundation for the success and happiness you so desire.


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