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Busy Buster

“Don’t confuse activity with productivity.

Most people are just busy being busy.”

Robin Sharma

Find out how I can help you

Changing the Mindset of Busy to one of intentional and productive.

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Ready to take things to the next level?

Our virtual (free) Busy Buster Session should do the trick!

I’ll virtually drop into your next leadership or team meeting and spend 20 minutes with you.

You’ll learn 3 highly practical strategies that you can implement right now that will enable your team to turn busy into productive and achieve the high performance you are looking for .

The Virtal Busy Buster will:

Encourage you to create new habits

I will share highly practical tips that are immediately implementable.

Change your mindset about busy.

Explore relevant insights to take your performance to the next level.

Be purposeful and intentional.

Understand the HUGE difference between busy and productive .

If you are ready to  take your performance to the next level, invite us to your next team meeting:

I’ll bring the busy tips!

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"Julie joined our ‘Give Me a Break’ session and it was excellent. The session was value packed, thought provoking and practical. The team got some very valuable tips and the feedback has been really positive. It’s clear that Julie is passionate about enabling people to be their best and her delivery is reflective of that.”

R MowthorpeCustomer Strategy & Innovation Director - Finsbury Green

Really insightful session. Julie shared tips that can be implemented immediately. Busy to productive is such an easy mindset to shift with powerful rewards. Empowering in it's message, liberating in its execution.

Carlo PRegional Manager - Westpac