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Workplace Wellbeing – Ashley Fell

By November 16, 2021Podcasts

In this episode of the ‘Making It Count’ podcast, we sit down with Ashley Fell, Social Researcher, Author, TEDx Speaker, Director of Advisory at the internationally recognised McCrindle and Host of the ‘Future Report’ podcast.

Workplace wellbeing has become a bit of a buzz word. ‘Work wellbeing is when our work can contribute to, and enhances our sense of meaning, purpose and contribution in life’ says Ashley. It’s more than just fruit bowl, workouts and pets in the workplace. ‘It’s much bigger than that.’ We spend a third of our life at work so it is really important to get meaning from your workplace.

We’re all looking for work which aligns to our personal purpose and values. ‘Research suggests that mental health and stress of work are the number one consideration for the future of work in Australia. Post-pandemic, these feelings have become stronger. ‘There are 5 key items the next generation are looking for in a workplace – -first up is culture, then work-life integration, leadership style, job content and finally training.’  Ashley says, ‘57% of workers say they would sacrifice a pay-rise for better well-being at work.’ If it is on the hearts and minds of employees, it needs to be at the forefront of leadership as well.

Ashley shares the greatest barriers to wellbeing at work. ‘Interestingly, across our survey it was leadership and culture. So, we need to first sort out the leadership as culture flows from the top down.’ We need to set the behaviour, attitude and the expectation of purpose and value, so people can thrive in their workplace. There are three main areas to build culture and wellbeing – Culture, purpose and impact (CPI).’ She goes on to share how, as leaders, we can improve in all these three key areas. Business is about people, and if those people are well led, they deliver superior outcomes. Ashley says, ‘Culture is built in an organisation whether intentional or not – so why not be intentional?’

Ashley is the author of two books on leadership and generational change: ‘Work Wellbeing’ and ‘Generation Alpha.’

So, sit back and enjoy this episode as Ashley Fell Makes It Count for Workplace Wellbeing.


Making It Count
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