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Business Growth – Listening To Grow

By August 30, 2011February 14th, 2019Articles, leadership, Leadership

Business Growth – Listening To Grow

Communication is key to business growth. In fact, it is the key contributor to the success of personal and business relationships and a key contributor to business growth. Why? Because great leaders are good communicators and part of being a great communicator is being a great listener.

Great leaders are not the ones out the front spruiking all the time. They are not the ones who are always talking, forcing their opinion on you and keen to talk about themselves. Nope! They may certainly have the title of a leader, but they are not a true leader. You’ve heard me say all that before I know.

Business GrowthListening and Business Growth?

So why is listening key to business growth? For the simple fact that by listening you are learning. You are hearing what the successful people are doing, you are listening for best practice, you are hearing what is not working in organizations and you are giving yourself the opportunity to grow. Through growth, you are proving your business, its people and and those who are an extension of it the opportunity to grow.

Challenges to Business Growth

Business growth is getting more challenging as we progress through these years. Business is challenging, competitive and frenetic causing many leaders to be reactive and feeling like they exist in a pressure cooker. The first casualty of this can be the art of communication. When people feel this way, they don’t have the time to listen let alone have an in depth conversation with someone.

To achieve the business growth your business is capable of and that you desire, you must, and I stress must, stop, take a breath and listen. Listen to what is happening around you, within your organization and external to it. Listen and learn. If you really want to achieve some great growth, listen also to what is not being said. That will also give you a great insight into what is going on and contribute significantly to your business growth.

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