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Are you busy?

Frantic? Crazy busy? Or just flat out?

Then you’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a real leader – one that informs and influences instead of scrambles to keep on top of their to-do list.

While you’re busy being busy in the here and now, you’re becoming irrelevant in your industry, market, organisation or with your team.

How do you stay relevant when everything in the world is evolving so fast? How do you stay relevant when business is so uncertain? How do you continue to adapt and stand out against everyone else struggling to do the same as you?

This book explains why being a relevant leader is critical to your success now and in the future, and provides a roadmap to help you move from being stuck in the status quo to becoming an influential leader.

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You will learn to:

  • Move from busy and boring to influential and inspirational
  • Define what’s really important to you as a leader
  • Listen to your own leadership instincts
  • Close the gap on generations, genders and diversity
  • Promote a strong leadership brand
  • Build a solid Leadership Template
  • Enlist a powerful circle of influence.

This book will help you take control of being busy, get relevant and become an influential leader.

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Buy Book $15.00Buy eBook $8.00