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Business Growth Through The Age Old Philosophy.

By September 8, 2011February 14th, 2019Articles, Leadership, leadership

Business Growth Through The Age Old Philosophy.

There is a huge opportunity for business growth in businesses today by distinguishing their brand, attracting the right clients and create ravings fans. It won’t even put a strain on your cashflow, quite the opposite actually.

Business GrowthIt’s called client service and it’s something that is sorely missed in many businesses today, particularly the retail sector. From my experience, it is rare that you will walk into a store these days and get great service or a client service representative who even looks interested in you.

It infuriates me as providing client service is as simple as greeting the client with a smile, offering to help, listening and being present while they are in your business. It really is not any harder than that in the first instance. Building on that, if you make a promise, keep it, deliver on it and communicate appropriately. Don’t let your client do the chasing and don’t leave them wondering. Does that sound difficult? Your business growth can be achieved by these simple things complimenting your other business growth strategies.

I can assure you, you will win them over with a smile and some interest, but if you want to stand out from the mediocrity, then you may follow these simple suggestions. It is a sure fire way to achieve business growth.

Define HOW You Will Service Your Clients For Business Growth

A business should have crystal clear clarity on their brand and vision, they should also have clarity on how they will service their clients. How should they be greeted by phone and in person? How will you deliver on their expectations and ascertain what they are? How will you do business with them? How will you communicate to them? How will you deliver on your promises? All of these factors need answers and be developed into what we call a Client Service Charter.

Develop Systems to Support Your Charter For Business Growth

Once you have defined how you will service your clients, you need to ensure you have appropriate systems and processes in place to support the promise you are making to your clients. Don’t leave things to chance. You must ensure a consistent experience for every client to have any chance of creating raving fans and improving your business growth.

Measure Your Service

Ensure you have a process in place to measure your client service. Ensure you are informed by your clients about how their experience was with your business. Did you meet their expectations? Seek feedback and don’t be afraid to hear the truth. It’s the best thing for your business and if you do get constructive feedback it provides you with the opportunity to improve your service and your business growth. Part of your measurement may be a simple survey as an example.

Leave Your Baggage At The Door

This is something that I encouraged all of my staff to do. When they crossed the threshold of the workplace, their personal baggage remained at the door. They came into the workplace with a servant’s mindset and they were there for the clients. They needed to be mindful of how they can better serve each client and provide a consistent and better experience for them. The question remained top of mind, how can they ‘wow’ the clients today?

The client is king to any business. How are you ‘wowing’ your client base and creating raving fans?

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