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Business Growth – What’s Your Threshold

By September 20, 2011February 14th, 2019Articles, Leadership, leadership

Business Growth – What's Your Threshold?

We all have a threshold. The point of exhaustion and the feeling that you can’t go any further.  I experienced this the other day at the gym. I was doing a 90-minute spin cycle class and even before I started my legs were hurting from the exercise I had done the day before. It was fair to say that I struggled and didn’t feel as though I was doing my best. I was watching the clock tick down the minutes wishing the class would end to end my pain!

Then something interesting happened. The instructor came up to me and asked for a goal that I was trying to achieve during a particular part of the class. I noticed from the moment I had that target, I went for it. I pushed myself past the point of pain. My focus had shifted from concentrating on the pain in my legs, to achieving the goal. I walked out of there still hurting but very happy about my efforts and breaking through my self-imposed pain barrier! Needless to say I gained so much more from the class rather than just going through the motions.

Business Growth Pain

Business GrowthBusiness is the same. It can be tough and even painful at times.  To grow our business we will be required to do some business growth activities that we don’t like doing. Such as make more calls, make the time to build relationships, network, research our industry, coach our team and have a hard conversation. You might not be great at doing these things and it’s put on the backburner because to face into doing them is painful! We choose to simply go through the motions of business to make it just that little bit more comfortable.

Is that how you are going to achieve business growth?

Business Growth Prevention

The key thing that is preventing us from achieving our ultimate success in business is us! We are our own worst enemy. We impose limits on ourselves and firmly believe that we can’t push beyond these limits. But what if you could? What if you set yourself a target that motivated you to push through the pain? A goal that would focus your mindset on the pleasure of achievement rather than the pain of doing a particular business growth activity.

Get Your Mindset In Order

Our mindset plays a critical role in business growth and it is certainly one to be conscious of. Be mindful of the decisions that you are making for yourself and the assumptions you have. Challenge yourself and your thinking. If you are not good at doing this and let yourself off the hook to easy, ask someone else to challenge your mindset, particularly around your business growth activities. Then have them keep you accountable to it.

Do not give in when your mind says ‘too hard’. It’s playing tricks on you and preventing you from achieving business growth. This is where the big boys play. This is where courage prevails and leaders are made. Time to step up and achieve what you know you are capable of. Go get ‘em!

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