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Business Leadership Tip #4

By May 12, 2011February 14th, 2019Articles, leadership, Leadership, Leadership Legacy

Leadership Brand.

This includes your leadership style and build on it. Leadership brand encompasses your presentation in terms of dress, how you communicate, the language you use, and how you are perceived in your marketplace. Leadership brand is all about your actions matching your words and your presentation complimenting this also. Let me explain.

It is so easy for a leader to say they are an engaging leader who trusts their team to do the right thing and would prefer all to work autonomously to get the job done. The leader might also say they are professional and courageous, inspiring people towards a common goal. However, that is what they say! What they actually do is micro manage, dictate how things will be done and when faced with a decision, run a mile as they are sacred of the implications of the decision! So perception of this leader is not going to be one of an engaging, inspiring and courageous leader! Rather one that is a dictator, suffocating and a weak fish!!

Words are easy to say, they are harder to follow up on. Define your brand, ensure it is congruent to who you really are and then deliver on the promise you put out to your marketplace. It is important that people understand your brand as a leader. It will help them define their own brand and enable them to craft their style. Ensure you compliment your internal brand with external factors such as the way you dress and how you speak. Remember the 3-second rule for first impressions. Presentation speaks volumes! You need to look the part and act the part. This way, you are sending a clear and concise message through all of your communication mediums. 

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