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How to Reframe a Negative Mindset to be Your Super Power

By October 24, 2022Podcasts

This episode is about the power of your mindset and how to transform it into your superpower. Mindset has been a really hot topic lately, and for good reason – it can make a huge difference in how you make it count for your leadership and your life.

The current landscape we’re living in is tough and there is a lot that can pull us into negative thinking. In this episode, I discuss strategies and approaches that equip you to adapt and respond to situations in an empowered way, rather than letting things get you down, or control you.

Everything starts with a mindset. I explain what mindset is, the two types (fixed and growth) and how a growth mindset influences your success.

I also share with you my easy, game-changing Inspired Mindset Model and how this model can influence your life, personally and professionally. Those who have kept this top of mind have been able to influence their results in a positive way. My husband even uses this when he is golfing as he can tend to get down about it sometimes.

Finally, I equip you with six tips that will get you underway to having a mindset that is your superpower:

  1. Identify negative thoughts
  2. Reframe your thinking
  3. Be conscious of your language
  4. Watch your actions
  5. Understand how to fuel your mindset
  6. Get support

Your mindset is everything – you need to fuel it, protect it and support it, always. This episode will help you take the steps you need to understand and tweak your mindset for success.


Carol Dweck – Mindset: The New Psychology of Success
Wayne Dyer – “Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.”
Craig McRae – “We lost the game, we’re not losers.”

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