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Lazy Lessons For Leaders

By July 26, 2011February 14th, 2019Articles, leadership, Leadership

Lazy Lessons For Leaders

Beware whom you listen to leaders and whom you are seeking advice from. There are so many lazy people out there who are not committed to success and have no appreciation for those that are. They are not aware of the power of words and readily give advice to people who do want to succeed. The problem is their advice is fraught with the reasons why you won’t succeed. Why the people you are collaborating with will only encourage you in a direction that will harm you and your business. Why, by going the extra mile, you will not reap rewards for your efforts. Surely you can achieve success without all this effort. Just like the people who will become millionaires by buying into a program that will make them money while they sleep. They don’t need to do anything!! Sure!

Leaders Choose Carefully Who You Listen To

Leaders, this was great advice given to me by a successful entrepreneur at a time I was feeling pretty low because of the advice a business expert had given to me. I considered the expert to be just that and trusted that he would give me sound advice. If I had of taken his advice, I would be out of business right now. This is the power of lazy people. They give lazy advice and don’t realise that people will make decisions based on their laziness.

Lazy Lines For Leaders To Listen For

Leaders, common phrases that the lazy person will use are “Yeah but”, “What are you doing that for?” They are commonly the complainers, the avoiders and the ones that blame others for their misfortune. They are often problem focused.

Leaders Listen To Action

Leaders, listen to those that take action. They will not always agree with you but the advice will be solution focused and action oriented. They will have the energy to work through an issue with you and may even guide you along the way. They will have made mistakes and learnt harsh lessons. They may have even failed at certain things. But these action people are the ones who can provide sounds advice from a constructive perspective rather than lazy dribble. Leaders listen for lazy warning signs, block your ears and walk.


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