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Leading an Autonomous Team to Make More Space for Creativity with Brianna Ansaldo

By April 17, 2023Podcasts

With me today is Brianna Ansaldo, head honcho and founder of Bamby Media, a trailblazing podcast and video production agency. Not only that, Brianna is also an award-winning songwriter, audio producer and musician. With a focus on creating meaningful stories, Brianna works closely with her clients, all 65 of them globally, to ensure their messaging is on point, branding is clear and digital content is engaging. Bamby Media produces this podcast that you’re listening to right now!

Over the eight years since launching Bamby Media, Brianna has helped hundreds of clients launch and grow their podcasts, with incredible results. As well as podcast and video production, Bamby Media has just launched an advertising and sponsorships arm (Bamby Network) and is kicking off a range of exclusive content creation retreats later in the year.

With a fully remote team, Brianna’s systems and processes are absolutely on point. Drawing on extensive experience in training and development, Brianna explains how she has built a resource hub complete with detailed training videos. She attributes this hub to not only allowing her to effectively run a fully distributed workforce but frees her up to focus on other parts of her life and business.

Brianna shares how enabling her team to work autonomously has allowed her to focus on client strategy and, importantly, to rediscover who she is outside of work. It’s rare for someone to do this proactively, and it’s so inspiring to hear Brianna talk about how she has created space in her life for joy, fun and her first love, music. This approach also allows her to model creativity to her team and encourages us all to reclaim the silliness we often lose as adults.

Of course, sometimes business involves periods of intensive hard work, and Brianna reveals how she gets through these times and the ways she overcomes challenges in her business such as effective hiring.

Brianna is an inspiring business partner and all round wonderful human. You will feel so inspired and uplifted after listening to this incredible conversation – dive in!


Where to find Brianna:
Instagram: @bamby_media

Connect with Julie:
Instagram: @juliehydeleads