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The Five Secrets of the Super Organised.

By August 24, 2017February 14th, 2019Articles, Leadership

organisedHave you noticed how some people are incredibly organised? Despite the fact their demands are similar to yours – they have a demanding job, children to care for, a partner to love, their health to look and some resemblance of a social life. How on earth do they do it? We all have the same amount of time at our disposal and yet these super organised people are experts at using it effectively. What do they do that’s different to you?

Are they born this way? Do they have an innate ability to be efficient and effective? We know that some great leaders are born with ingrained and natural skills, some sports people have had the gift of natural raw talent (look at Usain Bolt as a prime example) and many creative’s and musicians are discovered in their early years.

When reading biographies of successful people, those deemed to have created significant wealth and success in their chosen field, you will uncover they are incredibly organised and methodical people. Things aren’t left to chance. Were they born that way? I couldn’t tell you for sure. What I believe is, as with leadership skills, organisational skills can be taught, learnt and embedded if that is the choice of the individual. What I also observe is that busy is never an excuse for them.

Being organised comes down to mindset. Do you want to be organised? What does it mean to you and what will it help you achieve? Are you willing to do what it takes to be organised because it just doesn’t happen? But I can tell you from experience it makes a significant difference to your success and how you feel when creating that success. And that is worth it!

So in saying that, what are the 5 secrets of the super organised?

  1. They have a plan.
    No surprises here. Super organised people don’t get up on a Monday morning and wonder what they have on for the week. They know well before the Monday morning alarm goes off. They have a plan for their week, they know their priorities and they have a to-do-list that they methodically tick off. Nothing is left to chance, these people know what has to happen and when and they understand what is important and why. By being planned this helps them with every other point listed here as they have clarity on what they need to do and what is required.
  1. They have an ability to say ‘no’.
    People often create chaos for themselves by simply saying yes to everything often out of a need to please others and a misguided sense of obligation. The super organised know what they can & can’t do and say no to what’s not important or what they simply can’t physically do. This doesn’t make them selfish – it makes them smart.
  2. They know when to ask for help
    Super organised people know when to enlist the help of others. Whether that is delegating to their team, outsourcing tasks they aren’t good at, ensuring partners and children are pitching in to help on the home front or asking friends for help when required. They don’t sit there drowning in a sea of expectation; they enlist the help of others.
  3. They are early risers.
    We all have 24 hours in the day, it’s how we use these hours that make the biggest difference. And for the super organised you will find that many of them get up early. Yes I am talking about those who rise at 4am. I have a colleague that adopted this theory and he swears by it now. And he is super organised, well read and achieving great things. And while he gets up early, you won’t see him burning the midnight oil, he goes to bed reasonably early so he gets enough rest. The question of work/life balance often comes up when this point is mentioned. The response is simple; you have one life, make it work for you. The old work/life balance quest is becoming defunct.
  4. They know their ‘Go Zone’.
    Super organized people know when their ‘Go Zone’ is. This is defined by understanding when you work best. For some it’s the morning, some it’s the end of the day and for others it’s somewhere in between. They key is to know when you work best and dedicate those hours to completely shutting out distractions and totally focusing on what needs to get done. It’s amazing what you can get through when you completely focus on the task/s at hand.

The great Jim Rohn said “The few who do are the envy of many who watch.” This is the case with the super organised. We can all do this if we choose to. The level of organised can differ and we might never fit into the ‘super organized’ box, however in our busy world, we need to learn how to handle what’s being thrown at us every day. Having clarity, having a plan and understanding what is important to you is going to go along way to support you. So find that ‘Go Zone’!