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Time for a Culture Pulse Check.

By July 6, 2017February 14th, 2019Articles, Leadership

Culture is the lifeblood of an organisation, regardless of size. It can make or break a business and the people within it. The culture of an organisation permeates beyond the 4 walls of the working environment and impacts on the employees’ personal lives also. We know that right? Then why do some organisations just get it so wrong?

Each time I walk into a new business you can get a feel for the culture. From how you are greeted and treated the culture shines through. A culture can be formed very quickly –good or bad. And a great culture can be broken very easily. This is why is so important that every person buys into the culture.

Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn co-founder, explains, “A winning culture emerges when every employee feels they personally own the culture” and to add to that, takes responsibility for it.

Through his interview with Reed Hastings, CEO at Netflix and others, he paints a clear picture of the importance of culture, especially when starting out in your business and also when scaling your business. It’s a great podcast and such a pertinent reminder that the culture starts at the top and cemented all the way through the organisation. They also touch on the lessons of the cultural collapse of Uber and why it’s important to not only attract the right people to your organisation but also keep the wrong people out.

Grab a coffee and take some time out to listen to this interview. Even if you have heard it, listen to it again and potentially get some timely reminders. It’s definitely worth it.  Listen to podcast here