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Trouble in Sport

By September 27, 2010February 14th, 2019Articles, leadership

Most large sporting organisations,  the AFl and NRL for example, engage Leadership specialists to implement leadership programs. This is so incredibly important as the footballers are seen as the elite, as the leaders in their industry. They are the inspiration to our young, they are idolised by society and they are the target of some female ambitions. 

Even though they are involved in leadership programs, there continues to be regular incidents where players are demonstrating poor behaviours that land them in hot water. These may include drug abuse, alcohol abuse, violence and the list goes on. Is it because they are so high profile they can not live what is regarded as a regular life? Well I'm not so sure about that, it depends what you call a regular life.

It seems to me that clubs and associations are so fearful of losing great talented players due to the impact on the bottom line that they do not discipline unacceptable behaviour when first presented. It's let go and then allowed as acceptable until it becomes public.

I have to question whether the leadership programs that are implemented are to simply tick a box as something that should be done or or it something that is taken seriously?