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Why You Need Plan B with Shannah Kennedy

By May 2, 2022May 5th, 2022Podcasts

Sometimes life doesn’t always go to plan which is why you need a plan B.

I’m speaking today with the incredible Shannah Kennedy, master life strategist and coach, wellbeing specialist, and best selling author of “The Life Plan” and “Plan B”.

Shannah is one of Australia’s foremost strategic coaches with 15 years of experience and she works to transform her client’s careers, mental health, wellbeing, and life plans.

Having suffered chronic fatigue syndrome for many years, building a base of wellbeing into each and every client engagement is a critical pillar in Shannah’s approach. Shannah shares how she has worked hard to consciously reframe her illness and lives a life of gratitude to enjoy every day.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The importance of acceptance and how doing this enables us to move forward
  • Embracing the natural process of grief in order to grow and take the next step
  • How grief impacts us all in a variety of ways
  • The 4 stages of plan B: How to journey through the detour when life throws you a curve ball

Whether it’s the loss of a relationship, a medical diagnosis, or a change in your career, we all know the feeling of no longer being in control.

In this powerful conversation, Shannah shares her strategies to help you find clarity and move forward into your plan B with purpose.

Books: “The Life Plan” and “Plan B”

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