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Be Kind as We Transition

By June 3, 2020June 11th, 2020Articles, leadership, Team
Be Kind As We Transition

Gosh the past couple of weeks have been like a melting pot of the full range of emotions. With the restrictions now progressively easing and the light shining brighter at the end of the tunnel towards more freedom, people are experiencing a different range of emotions and concerns to what we have been experiencing over the past couple of months.

Last week in particular I spoke with a lot of people about the impending return to the work place and how they were feeling about it. The responses were very mixed. Some were keen to get back into some sort of ‘normal’ pre-covid routine and others prefer to remain in the sanctity of their home for as long as possible. Some are keen to recommence face-to-face meetings and others are feeling very anxious about being out and about again, fearing that they will be putting themselves and their family at risk.

I must admit, I thought I would be super excited to have the restaurants open again because I am a little tired of thinking about what we’ll have for breakfast, lunch and dinner and would love someone else to give me the options! I was surprised to feel some trepidation when I heard they were in fact given the green light this week and my thoughts went to the cleaning of tables and door handles, the cutlery, the glasses and how safe it would really be. Pleased to say I have overcome these concerns via a simple conversation with the venue that we’ll be eating at this weekend, however will this concern always be with us?

We are certainly transitioning into the next phase of this pandemic and once again experiencing change. The term ‘return to normal’ is one that I find incredibly disempowering as there is no way we are going to return to the pre-COVID normal and if people think and act in that way, we are certainly at risk of this dreaded second wave. We are also at risk of returning to a system that was quite fractured should we do this without incorporating the learnings that we have gained from this forced period of reflection.

At this time of change and transition, know that what you are feeling is valid and real. People will transition and progress at a different pace, some hesitant, some at full pelt taking full advantage of their new freedoms. What we must remember is to be kind. Just because someone isn’t at the same level as you right now it doesn’t make him or her difficult, careless or a bad person. Their experience of this is their own, not yours. Be kind.