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Resisting The Pull.

push and pullPeople are hard work. They can be needy, moody, unmotivated, careless and selfish. And that can just be in a day! The demands of clients and the relentless pressure of the economy have changed the working dynamics of business. Leaders now need to be constantly focused on opportunity and changing the way they do business to survive. This can be incredibly draining and when people are resisting your pull, it can be incredibly frustrating.

All you want is some support. For people to give back to you in these challenging times. After all, you’ve given so much.

So how do you lead a team of people that you feel are constantly taking things for granted and behaving like spoilt children? How do you stay motivated to help them develop and grow when all you get is complaints and whispers that things “aren’t as good as they used to be around here”?

Yes a leaders role is tough. It’s also relentless. And the true test of a leader is how you manage yourself through times like these. In times of multiple and complicated challenge. So here five tips for you to help:

  1. It’s rare that everyone is behaving badly. Remember to focus on the members of your team who are buoyant in these times and are giving back to you as much as you give to them.
  2. Being accepting of poor behaviours is basically giving your consent to continue in the same fashion. It can also set a very unresourceful precedent in your workplace. Ensure you deal with poor behaviours as soon as they raise their head unless you are prepared for your entire team to operate this way.
  3. Remind yourself of why you are doing this. So many leaders I speak to mention it was so much easier when it was just them! You have achieved growth for a reason and understand your people are your power. Remind yourself of your successes and achievements when times are tough and also focus forward. Getting stuck in the ‘why me’ is not only paralyzing it’s real victim mentality. Not suitable for a leader.
  4. It can be very useful and timely to revisit your communication processes. People have a tendency to shut down or limit communication when feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Are you meeting with your team regularly? Are you communicating as a leader should ensuring the team are engaged in the goals and vision of the business? Do your team understand how what they do fits into your business and the difference they make? It could be time to tweak what you are doing around the key fundamental in your business.
  5. When it’s all getting too much, take your bat and ball and just take some time out. Talk to a mentor, talk to a friend, talk to your business partner. But jut talk to someone. The power of venting can be underestimated when you are feeling frustrated. Better you vent to a trusted source than to vent through your body language or tone to your team. It can be better out than in! Then focus forward.