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Ten Things That Courageous Leaders Do.

By May 24, 2011February 14th, 2019Articles, leadership, Leadership

There are leaders and then there are leaders. In today’s fast changing and fiercely competitive environment, it takes a certain standard of leadership to succeed. Wimpy, indecisive leadership is not going to cut it. Autocratic and suffocating leadership is not going to cut it either. Courageous leadership is the answer. This is a gutsy, risk taking, exciting and fulfilling style of leadership that is required to take you to the next level, personally and professionally. It is critical to take your organization to the next level.

So what does a courageous leader do?

The ten things.

  1. Say it as they mean it
  2.  Make the hard decision
  3.  Demand accountability
  4. Establish and reinforce expectations
  5. Have the hard conversation
  6. Encourage discussion and invite ideas
  7. Create and cultivate a culture of innovation and creativity
  8. Smash through ‘the norm’ and think differently
  9. Choose the right person for the role regardless of gender
  10.  Live true to their brand and their values no matter what

A bonus one

Validation – the leader that can validate their people, demonstrating empathy and care is the leader that will succeed in this world. Without a doubt. This is a true demonstration of courageous leadership as you are enabling others to reach their true potential.