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Business Leaders and Empty Promises (from Monday Inspiration)

By May 26, 2011February 14th, 2019Articles, leadership, Leadership

When you deal with people every day as I do and have been trained in Human Behaviour like I have, you can read people pretty well. Or so I thought! There are some who can still fool you.

I have written before about my frustration with people’s actions not supporting their words. It’s one of my pet hates. Not only is it confusing, it can be hurtful and it can also be damaging to business and individuals alike. Not to mention it is a waste of one of our most valuable and greatest resources – time.

In today’s fast paced environment where we are all in the race of life, trying our best to get across the line, it is so incredibly important to be conscious of how you are interacting with others. You will win this race if you are genuine, honest, trust worthy, authentic and a leader. You will succeed by being a conscious leader. It is the conscious leader that knows and understands it is the sum of all their actions that is creating their legacy.

If I can encourage even just one person reading this today to be conscious of your language, to ensure your actions are congruent with your words I am happy.  Life is too short to waste on empty promises. And I for one do not have the time to waste.

"Lost time is never found again." ~ Benjamin Franklin