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The Inevitable Splat.

By March 24, 2015February 14th, 2019Articles, Leadership

momentum“The world is wide, and I will not waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum.” ~ Frances E Willard

I was watching a guy running the other day. He was really building up some great momentum assisted by running downhill. This guy was up straight, striding it out and he looked fit! I watched with a slight tinge of jealousy reflecting on my triathlon days when I could run.

Then something jolted me from this thought. This guy took an epic fall. He came down hard. With cuts, grazes and bruised pride he got himself to his feet and looked back to see what had broken his momentum. I saw him pick up a small stick and toss it away. How could something so small trip him up? He hung his head and limped away. That was it for that run.

Have you ever had your momentum broken?

Momentum in business can be like a roller coaster. You try with all of your might to gather speed, to gain some forward and upward momentum and when you get to the top it feels exhilarating. There is nothing better than being at the top of your game, when things are going well. Then with a slight adjustment, there’s a tilt and momentum is lost and you go hurtling back down again.

It could be the loss of an opportunity, loss of a team member, a dint to your confidence, reduction in profit margins, loss of a client to a competitor, legal issues, playing the waiting game to get a ‘yes’ on your proposals – it can be anything.

So how do we maintain momentum in business and avoid taking a splat on the footpath?

Being clear on your growth strategy and having contingencies in place will certainly assist. Together with keeping your energy reserves fuelled. When you are on the growth path and committed to your vision, it will take more than a little ‘splat’ to break your momentum. We will always face into challenges, large and small. The key is to know your options, navigate the obstacle and always have a plan B. Keep your eye on the prize!