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By March 30, 2015February 14th, 2019Articles, Leadership

distractedYou can always find a distraction if you’re looking for one. ~ Tom Kite

I was walking along the street with my nine year old nephew the other day when he said in amazement ‘look at all the people on their phones’. We had just walked past a tram stop and every single person was looking at their phone.

It’s refreshing seeing things through the eyes of a child. He was amazed that people weren’t looking for the tram and seeing who was around and what was happening around them.

What’s got people’s attention these days is on a smart phone screen. They don’t look around at what’s happening, assessing a situation for safety or danger, connect with anyone standing next to them, they just stare at a screen.

So business leader, what has your attention in your spare time?

Is it what’s happening on Linked In?

Is it what’s happening on Facebook in everyone’s perfect life?

It is what’s happening real time on Twitter?

Is it what holiday destination your connections are at on Instagram?

Is it your email account and how it’s controlling you?

Is it sending off emails as you’re thinking to a team member or associate rather than diarising it for a discussion when you get back to the office?

What is it for you?

We are so distracted from what really matters these days. We are so absorbed by our smart phones and the apps that we are missing out.

The day I was with my nephew, it was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the buzz of the Grand Prix was in the air. I noticed what he was looking at and how the traffic flowed. I noticed who walked past me and who was around. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice how bizarre it was that everyone was on the phone. I’m used to that and guilty too.

We aren’t connecting. We aren’t connected. We are distracted.

We are distracted by ‘white noise’ rather than the noise that matters. The noise of our clients, team members, cash flow and strategy. The noise of our family, our true friends and associates and our health. That’s the noise we should be honed in on. That’s the noise that matters.