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What a Hit TV Show Taught Me About Leadership

By November 1, 2023Articles, Leadership

Confession: I’m a latecomer to Ted Lasso! The whole world told me years ago to watch it but I thought it was about soccer. Then a colleague said it had great leadership lessons, which lured me in, and from the very first episode I fell in love with Ted Lasso.

I laugh, I cry, I feel sorry for him and sometimes I am in awe of him because of how he operates above the line, which is something I talk about a lot in my upcoming book. Whatever people and life throw at him, he responds with kindness.

The results he gets from that approach are clearly quite incredible, especially when he’s dealing with men!

Yes, it’s only TV but its inspired a global audience with its message that kindness wins in the end. It’s a great lesson for leaders today. That you don’t have to come in and be a hard ass. You can shine by being curious, authentic and kind.

Ted’s style of kindness is a powerful, essential quality for leaders in any setting—the workplace, community, your family. Here’s what it can do if leaders use it:

1: Kindness builds trust and respect. When people feel genuinely cared for and valued, they’re more inclined to support and follow their leaders, leading to stronger and more cohesive teams or communities.

2. It fosters collaboration. Leaders who approach others with empathy and understanding create an environment where people feel safe sharing ideas and working together towards common goals.

3. Enhances morale. Kind leaders inspire positivity and boost morale within the team. Acts of kindness such as recognising and appreciating the contributions of team members can motivate people to perform at their best.

4. Kindness strengthens relationships. It fosters connections and helps leaders establish rapport, making it easier to resolve conflicts and navigate challenges.

5. It lets you lead by example. When leaders demonstrate kindness, their role modelling encourages others to do the same, creating a culture of empathy and compassion.

Sometimes kindness is seen as a weakness, but for me it’s a potent tool that empowers leaders to create thriving, harmonious and successful environments that foster trust and a sense of belonging. Kind hearted leaders and Ted Lasso, I heart you!