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The Four Signs it’s Time to Let Go of Something

By November 15, 2023Articles, Leadership

I’m back from my beautiful holiday feeling refreshed and reinvigorated. Gosh I needed that break. What is powerful about taking solid break is that the benefits keep impacting you after the holiday ends. If you embrace it!

Now I am sure you can probably resonate with this…..

I’ve had many situations throughout my life where I stuck with something for far too long. Whether it be out of habit, comfort zone or it was just easier to stick with it – I’d always be able to justify why.

Problem was, the person who knew it was BS was me. The person it held back, was me. That’s the downside of sticking with things longer than you know you should.

The upside is when I did make the decision to change and let it go, it was like curtains being pulled back for me and revealing the new set on the stage. I started seeing different avenues where I can take my own growth and business.

Knowing when to let something go is hard. What I’ve learned is that if you have an inkling it’s holding you back from other things and opportunities, or you get a gut feeling it’s time to let this go, it’s time to let it go.

Knowing when to let go opens up the other possibilities for you. Always.

Here’s four signs it’s time to let go of something:

Persistent negative emotions: when something in your life consistently brings you down, causes anxiety, anger or sadness, it’s a sign it may be time to let it go. Whether it’s a toxic relationship, a stressful job or a personal goal that no longer serves you, if it’s causing more harm than good it’s worth considering moving on.

Lack of progress or growth: if you’ve been investing time, effort and resources into a project or goal but you’re not seeing any tangible progress or personal growth, it might be a sign to let go. Continuously banging your head against a wall without meaningful results can be draining and demotivating.

Changing values and priorities: if something in your life no longer aligns with your core values or doesn’t fit into your current priorities, it may be time to re-evaluate and let it go. This could be a hobby, job, or even a long-term relationship that no longer resonates with who you’ve become.

Physical and mental health suffering: your wellbeing should be a top priority. If something is negatively impacting your mental health, it’s a clear sign it’s time to let go. Chronic stress, anxiety, sleep problems or physical symptoms related to a particular situation should not be ignored addressing the root cause may involve letting go of what’s causing the harm.

Knowing when to let go of something requires self-reflection and an understanding of your own needs and boundaries. It’s important to remember that letting go doesn’t necessarily mean giving up.

Sometimes it’s a necessary step towards personal growth and finding healthier and more fulfilling alternatives. And a happier you.