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What You Need for High Performance

By April 9, 2021Articles

To achieve high performance there needs to be strong accountability. The disruption that was caused by the pandemic forcing many to work from home meant that collaboration was tricky and accountability challenged. This continues with many organizations now with hybrid working arrangements.

In turn many employees are experiencing unclear role expectations and don’t understand what is expected of them now. Is it the same as pre-pandemic, is it different or is it somewhere in between? Leaders can often be surprised by this because they feel they have communicated quite clearly however something is clearly missing. So what is it?


Studies have shown that when employees are held accountable to their expectations:

  • Ownership increases
  • Motivation levels increase
  • Engagement levels improve
  • Productivity increase
  • Results improve

When you don’t hold employees accountable:

  • Motivation levels decline
  • Performance declines
  • Time is wasted
  • Frustration increases
  • Culture is negatively impacted

This is something to put on your leadership radar for this year and ensure you and your team understand techniques to hold people accountable in the right way. This isn’t about clock watching or implementing disempowering stand over tactics. This is about implementing resourceful and empowering strategies to challenge your people to be the best they can be, to move people outside of their comfort zone and produce great work. The stuff that everyone can be proud of.

If this is something you would like to improve in your organisation or if you’d like some ideas how to do this in an empowering and efficient way then please reach out and I’d be only too happy to have a chat.