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If I Can’t See It I Find It Hard to Believe I Can Be It.

By April 6, 2021April 9th, 2021Articles

This is something that stood out for me from a panel discussion I attended for International Women’s Day.

One of the panel was sharing her experience of working in a male dominated industry and her challenge to believe that she can progress in her career to the heights she aspires to. There is a lack of women in leadership positions and she doesn’t have anyone who is role modeling what is possible for her.

This woman’s challenge highlights the importance of role models.

When you have role models you always know what is possible for you and that changes everything.
I have been fortunate to have strong role models from a young age. All through my life I always looked to others who were successful in what I chose to do. Whether that be the sport I was playing, a leader I admired in my career, those breaking glass ceilings or challenging the status quo. You don’t need to look too hard for people who are doing incredible things.

You may think that no one is watching you. You may also be amazed at who is watching you. People are watching what you do and what you don’t do.

We all have the opportunity and the privilege to be role models for our future generations and to those we associate with simply by achieving goals, being intentional, challenging norms and being leaders who care.

So when you are questioning why you do what you do, why you are always out the front leading the way, why you step outside of your comfort zone and face into all the challenges associated with this – remember the woman who is so desperately wanting someone to be showing her this is possible in her industry. Keep going and keep supporting and championing those who choose to do this too. We need more of them.