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People In It For Themselves.

lazy-businessman-backupHow many conversations have you had with team members where you have asked the question ‘did you consider……?’ You can fill in the blank here with many things like; the other people in your team, the impact to the business, how the client would feel, what the outcome would be or how it could damage this business.

It seems today that so may people are silo focused. Just in it for them, what they can get out of a situation or how they can avoid responsibility full stop. It’s also safe to say that people appear to understand that the job market is tough and it’s not easy to get new employment. And yet this doesn’t seem to motivate them to go above and beyond in their current role.

So how do you change this culture?

I get constant feedback from team members within business that they are unaware of the values, vision and goals of the business. That communication is one way and generally only when something has gone wrong and they are unsure of what their value to the organization is beyond their job description.

So how can you change this?

  1. Ensure you have constant communication flow in business, going both ways and ensuring feedback provided is both positive and constructive.
  2. Paint the picture of the vision, values and goals to your team and engage them in the ‘how’ to bring this to fruition.
  3. Ensure your team understands their expectations and how this makes a difference to your organisation or business.
  4. Encourage teamwork, consideration and people playing a bigger game, thinking beyond their job role and for the whole business.
  5. Ensure you are a living and breathing example of what you expect.

By doing this consistently you will start to see some pleasant change within your business and if you don’t you might need to assess if you have the right person in the right role to achieve your business outcomes.