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Want a great 2024? Ask yourself these questions

By December 13, 2023December 15th, 2023Articles, Leadership

Don’t freak out…there are only 18 days until the 31st December! And this will be my very last blog for 2023.

As we head towards the end of the year, I thought it timely to leave you with ten powerful questions to ask yourself right now to get set up for a brilliant 2024:

1. Do you feel like you’re often overwhelmed? Recognising when you’re overwhelmed is crucial because it allows you to take proactive steps to manage stress, maintain mental and physical wellbeing and make informed decisions about your priorities.

2. Are you juggling too many balls? It’s vital to be honest about this so you can maintain focus, efficiency and balance in your life, preventing burnout and ensuring long term success.

3. Am I living in alignment with my values? Knowing this helps you maintain authenticity, inner harmony and a sense of purpose leading to a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

4. What am I doing that gives me the most joy? Identifying what lights you up will guide you towards making choices and pursuing activities that contribute positively to your happiness and overall wellbeing.

5. How am I kind to myself? Answering this is crucial because it fosters self- compassion, resilience and a positive self-image, contributing to better mental health and overall life satisfaction.

6. Do I let too many people drain my energy? If you are, you’ll be endangering your emotional well-being and ability to maintain healthy relationships and focus on your own personal growth and goals.

7. What do I want for myself from the next year, 2024? Having a plan will give you a clear sense of direction, motivation and purpose, helping you make informed choices and work towards achieving your goals.

8. What are my non negotiables and am I living in alignment with those? Knowing the answers will help you establish boundaries, maintain your values, and make decisions that align with your core principles.

9. How do I show up every day? This is really important. Understanding it means you’re self-aware and have the power to make intentional choices, and consistently work towards being your best self.

10. How are you going to celebrate the end of 2023? Yay! Achievements, milestones and moments of joy need acknowledging to give you a sense of accomplishment, motivation and overall happiness in life.

Find some quiet time (yes you can) and do your pre-2024 checklist! This will help you to launch into 2024 with a clarity and focus for how you want to experience it.

I would like to thank you for your support and readership this year. It’s been a challenging year for all of us – there is so much going on in the world. I hope my musings and mindset have helped you just a little through it all and hopefully brought a smile to your dial.

I wish you the most wonderful festive season and some time for you. YOU are important.

See you back here in 2024.