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Embracing ‘Allow’: A Reflection on Letting Go and Finding Freedom in 2024

By December 28, 2023Articles, Leadership

I wanted to share something meaningful that might resonate with you.

As we step into a new year, it’s customary to look ahead, but there’s equal value in recognising what to leave behind.

The power of clarity becomes evident when you pause.

Pause the constant thinking, ruminating, worrying, and planning. It’s something I’ve often found myself doing without fully realising the extent.

On the 27th of December, I experienced a day with no commitments, plans, or expectations—just a day of nothing. It felt strange yet remarkably liberating.

During this pause, a realisation hit me hard—an ironic revelation.

This past year felt like a relentless battle.

I battled with my health, seeking answers.

I battled with my weight due to medications.

I battled to complete my book amid my father’s losing battle.

I battled with my mother.

I battled to hold onto professional aspects I should have let go.

It was a constant struggle in every facet of life. While some might argue that I was winning, successful despite it all, deep down, I was harbouring anger. The battles were exhausting, and I’d grown tired of it.

So, I made a choice—to leave the battle behind. I choose not to battle anymore.

The timing of this realisation saddened me, wishing I had understood it sooner. Yet, I refuse to let that overshadow what it has afforded me.

Every year, I pick a guiding word. Last year was “Intentional,” setting me up for success. This year, my word is “Allow.”

Initially puzzled by its passivity, I explored alternatives, but “Allow” persisted. As I sat with it, its meaning unfolded:

Allow me to loosen control.

Allow me to be free to be myself.

Allow me to let go of what’s holding me back.

Allow me to forgive.

Allow me to rise.

Allow me to shine.

I feel centered and at peace again.

I understand that merely choosing a word won’t magically alter everything, but I also recognize the power of mindset and choice.

Nothing changes unless you change it.

I now choose to work through what I need to stop, start, change, or continue to allow myself to be.

While I’m thrilled to close the door on the battle (ecstatic, really), I’m incredibly excited for what 2024 holds.

Is there anything you can leave behind in 2023 so your 2024 is even better?