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Three steps to creating the right mindset every day

By July 25, 2022Articles

I’ve talked before about how creating the right mindset every day is key to success, health and happiness in life and business. Without it, you can’t sustain relationships and progress. It’s your fuel.

But I get approached a lot by people asking how to do it. Seems it’s the one thing YouTube doesn’t have a definitive video for! So here’s my three steps to nailing the right mindset for you, forever.

Step one:

Get clarity on the mindset you need to shift the challenge to a possibility. That will differ depending on what you are experiencing. Clarity on how you want it to be—on what the opportunity is. There might be big opportunities or really small ones but there will be one at least.

Step two:

Work out what you need to do to support your mindset. What are you telling and not telling yourself? Mantras work here. Limit what you do. Get out into nature and take time for you. Work out if you want/need to be around people. Cut yourself off from social media and news and identify what and who you need to support you.

Step three:

Be consistent. Then you won’t be up and down and in and out and you can leverage. When you’re constant with your new mindset it becomes a pattern or habit and you’ll be ready for your next challenge and to level up in life.

Yep, it’s all about being purposeful and intentional. What you think drives your behaviours which gets you outcomes.

Finding and building the right mindset is one of my Mastermind topics, honed through decades at the top of corporate life than running my own business. If you’d like to tap into my expertise and experience, I have a limited number of spots left for private mentoring clients in the new financial year.

Details here.

If you’re still here, you must be fabulous so … let’s talk. We’ll work through why people’s focus on ‘more and better’ means we often get lost in the busyness of the ‘doing’ and forget the ‘why’ that drives us.

I’ll help you rediscover the why.