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The surprise thing I’m using to crush cancer

By July 20, 2022Articles

When I was diagnosed with cancer in 2021, my body kind of closed down. Turns out you really do have that movie kind of experience where the world freezes for a little while and everything sounds like it’s underwater.

Let’s call it shock or disassociation. It doesn’t actually matter. What does matter is what my brain did next.

It told me I needed to survive by using my superpower—my mindset. And that the one I already had would need to shift fast to match the huge challenge it was facing.

That bit I understood. In my past corporate life, my business, my relationships, I’ve always dealt with challenges with one strategy: see them as opportunities, not obstacles.

How? By working out what is the core problem driving the challenge, then working out if I have control over it. If not, I work out what I can do to navigate it to get back on the path. There are always detours with good outcomes. There are always choices.

I had two with the shock diagnosis: be a victim or be empowered. There were no other roads out of there. Yes, I went empowered (but I totally get the other choice would be totally justifiable. It’s not a one size fits all.)

That meant I worked out the mindset I needed to have to get through what lay ahead. I researched, read a lot from other people who are out the other side of cancer. I wanted to know and be inspired by what worked for them, what they believed in, what they did.

And so I came up with the mindset I needed. It was to be realistically optimistic and involved meditation, manifestation and affirmations.

Creating the routines and habits which serve you is the key to success in life and business.

It’s what I tell my business mentoring clients who want to create that dream business, get that pay rise or promotion, land that board role. Everything is possible if you have a mindset that constantly adapts.

Do you need a personal wing woman who has had the kitchen sink thrown at her—mostly in corporate life!—and survived? Let’s talk.

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