Julie Hyde is a leader of leaders.

She’s a disruptor and a powerful people enabler who helps leaders make big things happen

What I do (video)

Meet Julie

I’m just going to say this straight. I cheat at board games.

I don’t even like to play unless I know I can win, and if things don’t go my way, I’ve been known to knock the board and move pieces. There can be tantrums!

In real life I’m also a game changer—but I claim wins with expert strategies, integrity and experience. As a consultant, executive coach, speaker and author, I’m dedicated to showing C-suite stars and businesses how to change the game in a changing world to change results.

I show how challenging the norm leads to prizes like better results and motivated teams.

Innovative moves are needed right now. The business game is a new beast. In the US alone, nearly eight million people have resigned from jobs since early 2021. One of the biggest reasons is because their needs and values weren’t understood during the pandemic.

That means it’s a global employees’ market, so leaders need to find innovative ways to play, to let go of what was, develop principles that fit with what teams need to thrive. 

And that’s where I come in!.

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Our Opportunity to be Game Changers

Never before has there been a more challenging time to be a leader and equally, never before has there been a more exciting time.

There are no rules to leadership anymore. It’s time to rewrite the leadership history book.

This is a huge opportunity for leaders to find what works for them in a constantly changing environment and engage the head and the hearts of their team. They now have the creative license to continually evolve, to bring human back to leadership and make a difference


Work with me

Working with Me

I work with high vibration business owners who understand to achieve their vision; they need to bring their team on the journey.

My focus is on helping leaders to understand one thing: that right now, leadership, business, and success is not a numbers game. It’s a people game.

It’s about getting the alignment right between business objectives and people priorities, which leads to high performance and happiness.

My guarantee is I can show all leaders who are willing how to level up and lead in a way that will connect and engage with the hearts of their people. My mission is to empower leaders to be role models who in turn empower teams and built fantastic high-performance cultures.

Having run corporate teams of 130 people before starting my own business 14 years ago, I have the full picture of what both employees and bosses need to create change. Thanks to experience and a Harvard University qualification, I teach everything from empathy to having hard discussions with CEOs.

 I show why being a good leader comes back to whether you make people feel valued—from taking them out for coffee, remembering their kids’ names, noticing and rewarding fine work.

Bottom line, I know what it takes to be great at what you do. I know what it takes to be the game changer. To leave busy at the door and change the rules to fit the game.

If you’re as fascinated by changing the game in a changing world and being a courageous, inspiring role model as me, reach out — let’s connect.

Just not over monopoly!.

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