Julie Hyde is a leader of leaders.

She’s a disruptor and a powerful people enabler who helps leaders make big things happen

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Meet Julie

Confession time: in my thirties, I lived in a poky hotel for nine months after my just-renovated house flooded. I was single. With a new business, my finances were shot. My life felt in freefall.

Fast forward to now, and I have a thriving business, husband I love, equally-beloved home with intact floors, and so much energy for the future that I became a triathlete (until my knees went.)

Please know this is not a schmaltzy story. Everything fell into place when I worked out the secret to business and life success, using a great childhood and 21 years’ corporate experience running teams of over 130 people as inspiration.

I’ll share with you: the secret is not being motivated, not being connected, not being brilliant.

It’s having role models.

Because if you have role models, you can be one. And that changes everything. You always see what is possible.

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Our Opportunity to be Game Changers

Never before has there been a more challenging time to be a leader and equally, never before has there been a more exciting time.

There are no rules to leadership anymore.

This is a huge opportunity for leaders to find what works for them in a constantly changing environment and engage the head and the hearts of their team. They now have the creative license to continually evolve, to bring human back to leadership and really make a difference for those around them.

Work with me

Working with Me

I work with high vibration business owners who understand to achieve their vision; they need to bring their team on the journey.

My mission now is to empower leaders to be role models, build fantastic cultures of high performance and empower their team to be leaders.

There are a ton of great consultants and coaches out there. I’m the one whose superpower is that my initial impression of someone is always right.

I’m the one who is courageous and believes we can all lead the way. I’m inspired to encourage people (including myself) to take a propelled leap from comfort zone to a powerful self-created destiny. I’m passionate about empowering others with confidence to be great leaders and role models who enable others to shine.

I’m also the one who can’t live without a clean car, animals who are family and the escapism of movies. I dream of drinking wine in Spain and my big bugbear is the word busy. I’ll tell you why when we meet.

If you’re as fascinated by role models, mindsets and the four keys to great leadership as me, I’d love to speak with you.

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