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Workshops can be a fantastic way to reignite the energy and enthusiasm  in your team.

Find out how I can help you

I am passionate about ensuring my workshops have a lasting effect and that you get the return on investment that you are looking for. My workshops are always outcome focused. I love to work with you to develop something that will engage, inspire and drive the change you are seeking.

Pracitical, fun and action orientated

Sometimes just taking time out and investing in your team can reignite their passion and energy and can be the difference that makes the difference.

You can be confident in my delivery as I have been delivering workshops for over 15 years and understand the key to engaging all personality and learning needs in a room.

How I deliver these is dependant on the outcomes you are looking for. I can deliver half day or full day workshops or I can also run knowledge sessions as a Lunch and Learn, which have proven to be very popular in recent times.

Some of my most popular workshops are detailed below. I look forward to connecting with you and exploring ways we can work together.

My three most popular workshops are:


The Role Model Effect

Here’s the challenge – the way we led before isn’t going to cut it in our new world.

It’s going to take a new style of leadership to be successful. You need to be a role model. To be a strong role model and leader of influence is incredibly important as we navigate our way through daily challenges that are not only local but also global.

The effect you can have by being a strong role model is limitless. You can influence change, build high performing teams, achieve growth and make a difference.

Now imagine if you had a team of role models? What could you create then?

The Role Model Effect workshop is a powerful resource for you and your team if you are wanting to:

  • Sharpen your tools and step up as a leader/s
  • Create a culture that will not only support your people but is conducive to outstanding results
  • Generate confidence within your team and enable them to evolve to a new level

Julie will share with you practical strategies that you can implement immediately to achieve your success.


Busy? What Are You Busy Doing?

The business world is fast, furious, constantly changing and incredibly competitive. Our challenge is to be agile, flexible and adaptable to what is happening around us. The problem is, we’re all busy just trying to keep up!

The world is busy and that’s not going to change. So you have to make busy work for you rather than against you. You need to challenge the status quo and change the conversation from ‘busy’ to something much more resourceful to enable you to have an impact, be relevant, to understand your clients, your team and make sense of the constant change that is happening and be competitive.

In this thought provoking and practical session Julie will share:

  • Why you must learn to make busy work for you
  • The consequences of being stuck in busy and the perception busy creates
  • The 8 different types of busy identifying how you ‘do’ busy and how to turn it around
  • How to get control and make busy work for you.


Is Your Team Aligned?

To achieve high performance your team need to be in alignment.

When everyone in the team is aligned, or ‘on the same page’, all team members are clear about what they are doing and why they are doing it and in turn more committed to fulfilling their responsibilities.  As a result, highly aligned teams become high performing teams.

This level of alignment can only be achieved when there is a high level of trust in the team.

Given that 76% of Australians said that they have reprioritised their life to spend more time on what is important to them according to the McCrindle Australian’s Post Covid Report, there is a very good chance that your employees priorities have indeed changed and may no longer be in alignment with the priorities of your organisation.

This workshop incorporates a Team Alignment Survey, which will accurately pinpoint exactly which level of alignment currently exists in the team so we can then work out a plan to bring your team into alignment and achieve high performance.

  • Sharpen your tools and step up as a leader/s
  • Create a culture that will not only support your people but is conducive to outstanding results
  • Generate confidence within your team and enable them to evolve to a new level

Julie Hyde is an engaging, motivating, passionate person. Who’s genuine desire to make a difference comes through in her “Busy” workshop and mentoring program.
Her approach is so real, honest and inspiring. It doesn’t matter what industry or walk of life you come from, you definitely walk away with some true value. Julie’s extensive leadership & business experience shine’s through in her workshops leaving the audience wanting more as the content is so very relevant and proven.

Brendan GrenfellRegional Executive BOM

Part of my role involves arranging lunch and learn sessions for our staff and I could not think of a more perfect topic and presenter than Julie whom delivered her “Busy” workshop. Not only is the topic relevant across departments ranging from sales, operations to IT developers but it also offers up very beneficial takeaways for both your professional and personal life!

Kimberley AitkenCOO Blix