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The last thing you want from a keynote speaker is for someone to sidle up to a lectern and read from their notes, occasionally having a peak at the audience. Speaking as a participant, that is not engaging.

That is definitely NOT what you will get from me.

I am passionate about delivering something to your audience that is high energy, thought provoking, engaging and ignites action.

I do not believe in a cookie cutter approach either. Your organisation, your people and their needs are unique so I will design a keynote to ensure your unique objectives are met.

I have my three signature and most popular keynotes detailed below. I can also arrange for copies of my book to be included in my keynote packages to add some extra impact.

You can get a taste of how I present and what people have said by having a look at the video here.

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My three most popular keynotes are:


The Role Model Effect

Our world has changed. Our people have changed. The way we work has changed.

The way we lead needs to change.

It requires agility, confidence, courage and commitment in spades. It also requires influence.

The level of disruption we experienced in 2020 will continue and potentially accelerate as we start to understand the true impact causing further uncertainty and unease.

The expectations of a leader has never been greater as people now look for a sense of certainty and a pathway forward. Humans are tribal and we need strong leaders to lead us into our new world.

Leaders need to be strong role models for what they are needing to shape, change ,create or transition. They need to lead by example.  By doing this, they show others what is possible and inspire them to emulate their behaviour and actions.

The effect you can have as a strong role model is limitless and this is potentially the missing piece in your jigsaw. It is the way you will create change, mould your culture, achieve growth and empower your people.

This insightful keynote will inspire your audience to embrace a new style of leadership, take ownership for the role they play in their results, how this will help you to provide a sense of certainty and instill confidence and why it’s the key to success.


Busy? What Are You Busy Doing?

The business world is fast, furious, constantly changing and incredibly competitive. Our challenge is to be agile, flexible and adaptable to what is happening around us. Problem is, we’re all busy just trying to keep up!

We’re busy ticking off our to-do lists, trying to run a business or make a success of our career. We’re busy hopping from meeting to meeting in person or on Zoom, trying to manage our team. We’re busy trying to meet client expectations and ensure results are where they need to be. We’re busy dealing with the hundreds of emails that land in our inbox each day. It’s relentless.

The world is busy and that’s not going to change. So you have to make busy work for you rather than against you. You need to challenge the status quo and change the conversation from ‘busy’ to something much more resourceful to enable you to have an impact, be relevant, be competitive and be productive.

This keynote will inspire your audience to:

  • Think very differently about busy.
  • Understand the different types of busy and the impact it has on our professional and personal lives.
  • Motivate individuals to take control of busy with practical tips and strategies.
  • Be more productive doing purposeful and meaningful work


Women Leading From the Front

We still have a long way to go to achieve gender parity in business. Inroads are being made but not fast enough. It’s going to take all of us working together and each of us taking personal responsibility to create the change we want to see in the world. Part of this requires women to step up and lead from the front.

All too often women hold themselves back from making progress through lack of confidence, fear to step or a feeling of being unsupported. Women are constantly facing conscious and unconscious bias in the workplace and are often dealing with their own biases. As a result many are faced with situations where their voice is quietened or they take a step back waiting to be noticed.

As Sheryl Sandberg famously said ‘ women need to lean in and take their seat at the table’. Sometimes thought that’s easier said than done. It is however absolutely something all women can do, regardless of age, position or title.

This presentation will inspire you to:

  • Challenge the status quo in your own workplace.
  • Reflect and assess how you are leading in your workplace (regardless of position or title).
  • Consider what action you can take to build influence and create the ripples of change so needed.
  • Provide insights on how to effectively position yourself, stand in your own spotlight and build purposeful networks of support.